21 April 2009

Softball, Hardball, B-Ball and Knuckleheads!

Softball- first an update on the girl #1 pitcher for the Blue Devils. In an earlier post I said she would bounce back froma 4 run, multiple hit batter, 5-4 loss and she did.
She struck out the first batter of the game only to walk the next three. With bases loaded and only one out #1 proceeded to strike out the next two batters on her way to a ten strikeout game, she only faced fifteen batters throughout and the Blue Devils improved thier record to 2-1 with a 15-1 route of Cleveland.
In the second game of the season, #1 didn't pitch, but she did go 2for3 at the plate with a double and a triple in a winning effort.

Hardball- Now the boy. #4 has had a rough go as of late. 0for3 in the last three games and some errors. his Yankee team is 3-2 after last night. #4 is good, but gets frustrated to easily. I've just told him to relax and keep it simple, that is much easier said than done.
From one frustrating hardball team to another the TO MANY RUNNERS LEFT ON BASESTROS AND THE BULLPEN NEEDS TO BE REVAMPEDSTROS. My Astros have been killing me with all of this nonsense. Our starting pitchers were supposed to be the weak link, I'm not saying they're any thing spectacular, but the starters went three quality starts and didn't allow a run. Only to have the bullpen give it away.
Now I've been an Astros fan long enough to know that you can't count them out until the season is over. Between the softoss relief pitchers and all the runners left on base, something has got to give!

B-ball- The Rockets had an easy go in game 1. The Blazers will be ready to play tonite. I suspect Yao to be rendered not a factor in game 2. I want and think the Rockets can sweep,but obviously they must win tonite. My Point is the Blazers will come out strong and try to set the tone for this game. If the Rockets can be ready for that and just win the game, I think Portland will be done and Houston sweeps. The Blazers may very well win tonite, but in my opinion, tonite is the only chance they have to win in this series. The Rockets did what they needed to, at least got the split.

Damn I will be glad when football season gets here!





13 April 2009


Let 'er Rip....Lastros, Disatros, Circling the Drain Fastros!!

We are six games in and the 'Stros are settling in quiet nicely, and are on pace to win a club record 27 WINS!!!! This is Baseball and it's a very long season,but this season and the next few are going to be painful for Astros fans.

I propose this....Trade Roy O for some prospects while he still will command something, because he is fading fast. I want Roy O to succeed with the Astros, but this season is going to be brutal, he may not win a game. At some point the Dray Mac will have to start the rebuilding process and he doesn't have a farm system at all so why not Trade some of our better players for young guys??

On a lighter Note, The Kiddos started their baseball/ softball seasons.

#4, the boy, SS for the Youth Yankess, is 4 for 4 at the plate, with 3 putouts and 1error and an rbi, his team is 1-1.

The girl ,#1 ,Pitched 3 rough innings, allowing 4 runs and hitting a few girls. She will bounce back, with a game tonight. The Blue Devils are 0-1 so far.




31 March 2009


Well, my bracket got all busted to hell and I don't even have a horse in the final four. That's what I get for not going with my gut. I actually had trouble putting Okalahoma over UNC, despite what my last post said. I wanted to pick a team that nobody would pick, but at the same time not be completley insane, so I went with the Sooners.
The reality is The Tarheels are the most complete Team in the NCAA and I don't think they will get beat.

I also knew that INSTANTRAGE!!! would be picking the Tarheels to I went against the grain.

So for the second year in a row, I owe my buddy RAGE!!! a sixer of Quality Brew!


18 March 2009


It's NCAA tourney time again, or as I like to call it, almost baseball season.

I filled out my bracket last night and I feel pretty good about my final four. The play-in game or opening round game as it is sometimes referred to featured Moorehead ST. and Alabama St. and I picked Moorehead St. to win and they did so I'm 100% in Bracketology so far.

Now I don't pretend to know anything about any of the teams in the tourney, I'm just a casual watcher, but I do like filling out the Bracket to see if I really know squat. Throughout the season I have seen lots of highlights of Oklahoma and thier tightend of a power forward, Blake Griffin and I must say that I'm impressed. This young man can play some ball and he hustles like noone I've ever seen.

I was hoping when it came time to fill out my bracket that Oklahoma would be in a situation where I would feel comfortable at least advancing them to the Final Four.

Well, lets get to my final four:
The Midwest division; I have Wake Forest and Kansas with Kansas advancing.

West; Uconn gets beat by Memphis

East; Pitt is a 1 seed for the first time ever, I think and they will beat UCLA to advance

South; This is the most interesting division in the tourney to me. I have always been partial to UNC Tarheels, mainly because when I first started watching College basketball UNC was very good and I was an Oiler fan and the light blue really caught my eye. Tyler Hansborough(sp?) has a lot of hustle as well and I have picked UNC to the Final Four each of the last 3 seasons.

This season Oklahoma and UNC must meet, at least in my bracket in order to advance. My thoughts are Blake Griffin will know that if they win this game they head to Detroit. I can't see Oklahoma losing this game, I think Griffin out hustles Hansborough and Oklahoma advances.

So my Final Four are:

Kansas vs Memphis

Pitt vs Oklahoma

Champ Game:

Kansas vs Oklahoma

The winner is......OKLAHOMA, OKLAHOMA, OKLAHOMA!!!!

13 March 2009

Random Thoughts

If you are reading this, then you either know me or you dig my cool name and you clicked on it to see where it leads. Welcome, I hope you comment and if you do please give a name and yes it can be made up and really cool like mine.

The Rockets are a better team without Tracy Mac and I hope he doesn't wear a Rocket red uniform again. If Ron Artest keeps his mouth shut and plays basketball this team could at the very least make the second round of the playoffs this year.

The Astros are getting beat down regularly this spring, but I think things will get better once the season begins. having said that , I'm putting their over/under of wins at 75. My family and I will attend at least one game and they are undefeated when we attend.

The Texans are having a good off season, I think. I'm excited about the draft and this upcoming season. I have a gut feeling of great things happening to the Texans this season.

Posts will come more frequently once the NBA playoffs get here and baseball gets in full swing. I'm also going to use this format to brag on my kids. My daughter is a softball pitcher and my son plays outfield for a select team and shortstop for a youth league team so I will be posting regular updates on them just for fun.....if you don't like.....learn to.





05 March 2009

Ghost Town?????

Attention all anonymous posters! Or should I say one anonymous poster, this place is a ghost town for now, I will pick it up when baseball gets in full swing. But What I have to say to you is............ at least post your blog name you must be a cowpattie from arlington fan cuz you scared!



19 February 2009


Not really. Rafer Alston is out. Aaron Brooks is in. Come Rockets let's get a win!
There is a horrible cheer for everyone who liked to bash on Skip. I personally liked Alston, except for the ill-advised tear-drop shots. It was absolutely not a trade I expected. Let's see what happens with AB in control. I will love the Rockets no matter what they do.